About the Author(s)

Professor Sean Ross Meehan is among the authors of this publication. He teaches English at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland. You can find out more about his teaching and writing interests by going here. You can browse his book on American autobiographical writing and the emergence of photographic technology, Mediating American Autobiography: Photography in Emerson, Thoreau, Douglass, and Whitman.

He is currently working on a book on the American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson and his rhetoric of education.

Professor Meehan also appears periodically in the form of his blog posts, exploring issues and experimenting with ideas from his English 101 course, Literature and Composition: Gutenberg Progenies, as well as other courses he teaches: on American Environmental Writing; on Nonfiction and The Essay.

Washington College students are also authors collected in this publication: this authorship includes blogs they have kept throughout their semester in English 101 and a final publication collected in the course magazine. For links to student writing, visit the archive of Student Blogs.

You can find out more about the promise and pleasure of studying the literary arts at Washington College by visiting the English Department here.


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