Studen Blogs: Fall 2016

Literature and Composition: Gutenberg Progenies

Once you have set up your blog at, copy the url address into a comment on this page. List your first name along with the address.

I and other students will then use this page to get to your blog in the future and participate with in the conversation.


13 Comments on “Studen Blogs: Fall 2016”

    • jszybs says:

      In your mentioning McWilliams, you did a good job with stating how you agree with him, and also your counter to him. To expand upon your idea, I would explain another personal experience, or dive deeper into the one mentioned about how you broke your phone. This would strengthen your argument.

    • I agree with your blog posting. Technology is being invented very quickly and very rapidly at an extreme pace. And that we as humans should only use it if we need it to help us, that’s what it is there for. I agree on how you say that technology can be distracting to. Technology these days is becoming distracting because everyone wants the latest things and more and more new things keep being created. People should come to realize that they should appreciate the technology they already have instead of buying even more for themselves.

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