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Once you have set up your own blog at wordpress.com, link your blog to this page by copying the address (URL) into the comment box below. Include your first name.

I will then visit your blog throughout the semester by using this link. You can also then visit the blogs from other students in the class.


26 Comments on “Spring 2015 Student Blogs”

  1. han0320 says:

    Caiyun Blog
    caiyun han’s Blog:han0320.wordpress.com

    • mdemaio2 says:

      Nice job! Try linking the reader to specific spots in the book. Look at page 224 for a deeper way to understand what he was saying about disliking hypertext. Also, try and link in the hypertext articles that we had to read for Wednesday’s class. It will add depth to your argument and give you something else to work with.

    • jlazer2 says:

      I agree with Liza on the fact that hypertext are interesting in the randomness then contain but the permanence of a book is something that cannot be matched. I enjoy the same qualities that Liza does in the notion of a permeant story that generations of people have read, it connects us all in a way. We both agree with Birkerts that a book on a book shelf is more meaningful than a webpage.

    • esayyad2 says:

      I think Liza makes a great point about the hypertexts qualities of how in depth they can truly go. The characteristics that she stated are the same that a would classify a hypertext’s abilities to do. Unfortunently Birkerts does not agree whatsoever due to the fact that his views state that the hypertexts take away the true natural qualities that a book does and that unlike the hypertext, the book is permanent.

    • yzhang3 says:

      I must say that I totally agree to the point Liza made about what books really means to us. Although I believe one day electronic books will finally take the place of normal books entirely, it won’t change the feeling we have when we touch the actual paper made pages and surround by the unique smells of the papers and inks. I must say that I love real books more than electronic one, I can accept the changes, but the E-books will never replace real books.

    • esayyad2 says:

      I agree completely with the areas that Claudio covered encompassing the different books and works that he referenced and related to the work of “Is Google Making Us Stupid”. As he continues with is argument, one main point that really stood out to me was that Claudio is now in confused state as to where his views lie on the matter of technology. But he is slowly working through them by referencing back to authors from both spectrums.

    • mdemaio2 says:

      This covered all different aspects of the semester, covering all different books. I like how you amalgamate a paper from all of the books we have read. I think you can explore many different ways Birkerts sees technology using the different examples from the book and linking back to “Google making us Stupid” how is technology turning us into pancake people? I love how you let the reader know right away that you are in a confused state on what is a good or bad advancement in technology. Slowly work towards linking us to specific parts in the readings from class, and I think you are ready to go for the paper. Nice job!

    • yzhang3 says:

      I myself never have a chance to use either twitter and Facebook because they are forbidden in China. So maybe I happen to know what that world looks like. But I myself also have another social account which only exist and popular in China, but at least I am learning news everyday. But for my mother, for an example, a very old cellphone and lack of computer knowledge means she can only learn the changes in the society from newspapers and TVs. And I found out that as I grow up more and more time that we have a difficulty in communicating. Maybe that is what Carr want to express, Google is really changing us.

      • cantich3 says:

        I really like the direction with your blog post about how you want to find a happy medium with old traditions and new technology. I think if we all took that approach the world of technology would be a better place. I also liked that you mention Birkets’ fails to realize this throughout his entire book. Maybe if he took this approach he too would be able to find a good balance.

    • cantich3 says:

      I really enjoyed reading Skyler’s blog and I can definitely see where he is coming from. I too was lost when reading The Museum. I especially liked when Skyler mentioned that there was a missing link between the computer screen and him. That is a perfect way to explain how I feel sometimes as well. I definitely agree that The Museum makes one appreciate the intimacy of a book.

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