Project 1: initial revision workshop

Joseph Harris writes of “revising as a knowable practice, as a consistent set of questions you can ask of a draft of an essay that you are working on” (Rewriting 99). Throughout the course, we will be using Harris’ four questions to guide us in the practice of revision; this is a strategy for getting a better grasp on where we are in a draft, of talking/listening to our work in progress. Here are the questions:

  • What’s your project?
  • What works?
  • What else might be said?
  • What’s next?
In addition to tracking our own revision (you will be keeping a revision log in your notebook), we will be getting guidance from the writers in your group. The Writing Center offers an extension of that sort of peer response. We will also be looking at some samples from students in this course, current and past. We can learn by thinking about, and looking into, what sorts of revision strategies others have used. Think of this as another way to pay attention to what’s going on behind the curtain.
For example, consider Emily’s project from one of my courses last year. Once again, I invite you to read through what other writers in this course are doing or have done with these same projects.



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