Follow up: first writing project

Some samples to consider from the first writing project. As you reflect on your own writing process (what worked well the last time, what you want to continue for the next one, improve or change), looking at samples of what some of your peers are doing will help you experiment and develop your own writing.

  • Thesis
    • Example of a clear thesis established in contrast to a critical voice (the basic they say/I say template): Sam; Robby; Tim.
    • A stronger thesis toward end–might leave there (one option for a thesis) but might also want to revise up to beginning: Nick.
    • Use of title for establishing focus/thesis up front: Devin
  • Introduction
    • Strong, basic template for introduction: Kathy
    • A strong introduction (buried a bit in second paragraph): Rachel
  • Style/Presentation
    • Example of style as control of language, overall presentation, command in “telling the story” of your essay: Amanda; Easton.

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