thesis re-building tools

1]Mapping the thesis. To go back and re-vise the thesis as it is threaded (to see if it is threaded) through the essay. Re-sketch or outline the essay. Can do this in a list, outline form; if interested, you can play with this mindmap tool for a more visually oriented approach.

2]They Say / I Say template: Borrowed from Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, a template or model for how to build a basic thesis or critical argument–recognizing that the basic academic argument makes explicit reference to what others say or conventionally think and then what you say in contrast or in response to complicate the traditiona view.

X tells a story about/argues _______ to make the point that ______. My own experience (in my view) with _______ yields a point that is similar/different/both similar and different. What I take away from my own experience with ________ is  _________. As a result, I conclude __________.

3]Thesis builder: a tool that offers a similar view for building a thesis based upon making your focus explicit and how that differs/relates to other views.

4]Screen-writing template? Details to come.


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