welcome, whoever you are

I look forward to meeting you in class. By the time you are looking at this, this right now, it is already days after I am writing this, this right now, and most likely I have met you, in the first class. So let me say, rather, I look forward to getting to know you.

[Whitman was really on to something, the way we do travel through our writing medium, like a voice from beyond, like a ferry that crosses over and back: check out his great poem“Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” to see what I mean. It has been on my mind recently as I have worked on the course and began setting up this digital ferry. More on that later]

This site, Comp\Post, is part blog and part course web. I will use Blackboard, as you know, though mainly to collect and maintain, in virtual presence, your finished writing projects. For day to day updates and thoughts, including more from my own glogging (what’s that?), and hopefully lots of input from your own, this will be the place to go. I also have plans for you to help me build a writing resource wiki for this course and for everyone in English 101.

The point of all this? Well, as you begin to fathom from the syllabus, and perhaps from some of what I said thus far in class, this is a course that uses these various technologies as tools and media of writing, which they are (and you already know them, even if you haven’t considered them writing media). That may be unavoidable. But since we are focusing more deliberately in this course on writing (and learning to write more deliberately), and since the topic of the literature we are reading has something to do with writing and technology, with (borrowing from Katherine Hayles) writing machines, we want to do more than just not avoid the implications of writing and mediation. We want to think more specifically and robustly and imaginatively about the medium (and media) of our writing.

So, there it is. This site and other experiments with writing and remediation (a term to be explained), including your own experiments, will serve a purpose. I hope that purpose leads you, someday, you whoever you are, back here or perhaps back to your blog or to your final publication from this course and see that you have realized in your writing more than you supposed.


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