sampling project 4

As you head into the final project, and work on producing your strongest writing of the term, consider (as I have been suggesting throughout the term) some ideas from your peers. You can browse through all the final versions of the most recent project (digital wreading) published on the class glogs. I have pulled out a couple for you to begin sampling. As you work on your writing to-do list–adding to it as well as checking items off–this is one way to learn and develop: experiment with or, as the case may be, imitiate something you see in another essay that catches your eye.

A particlar aspect of Hannah’s project caught my eye: the way she experiments with a very lively introduction and returns to this frame (the metaphor of the playground) in her conclusion.

Nick’s project displays an effective use of the critical application, borrowing from Birkerts and Jackson. I noticed in particular how he manages to combine or weave (dare I say stitch?) that critical insight with his own argument and story.

Mary’s essay displays a strong statement of her thesis–her critical vision. I noticed that this explicit statement was also signalled in her subtitle–not a bad idea for a critical essay, kind of keeps you focused right away on her vision. She also effectively uses the keywords of her critical vision/thesis (metaphor and abstraction) throughout the essay.


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