With our compost workshop this time, you will pitch ideas to your writing partner; and with the feedback the partner provides, along with the process of talking through your initial ideas, you will begin to stitch (and re-stitch) the essay. 

Guidelines for feedback.

[1]What do you hear of the focus at this point–what is the writer interested in showing and arguing about Patchwork Girl? What seems to be a likely thesis? Report back what you hear.



[2]What is one place in Patchwork Girl that the writer will focus on: identify the specific ‘space’ and the ideas the writer has right now for how s/he will focus on it? What are they noticing?




[3]What is a critical application/link that the writer has in mind? Identify a specific idea or citation from Hayles or Birkerts that the writer plans to make. Assess it: will it be an effective link to make? Is there another or a better place for them to go?


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