class notes 9/19

We sauntered around things that readers have noticed and wondered in their reading and glogging from the novel this week. Among the issues noticed, various aspects of the style of the novel came up once again. It was suggested that the style is such that is makes the reader think about the reading and writing that she is doing; that the various shifts in narrative and perspective and tone are noticeable.

I emphasized that such shifts may make the reading difficulty for some, but are also (I think) a part of the narrative: to the extent that so much emphasis is placed on the power of story in the narrative, on the desire to be heard and to convey a narrative, to gain the sympathy of the reader. I further suggested, in taking up the question as to who was more sympathetic, Victor or the Creature, that this kind of reader’s sympathy is constructed through the style of the narrative of each.

Some questions we took up and wondered about: What happens to the letters from the beginning–do they return in the end? Why does Victor react the way he does upon the creation–why should he be so surprised, why disgusted? Why does the Creature demand a female? Why doesn’t Victor make the female creature unable to reproduce?


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