class discussion: 9/3

discussed the presence of reading and writing in Frankenstein thus far–where we noticed the acts or reading/writing being focused on in some way.

Shelley’s 1831 Introduction: apparent in how she focuses on the origin of the novel, her unwillingness to take credit for her autobiography, the ways in which she talks about her creative process of “inventing” the story of the novel in similar terms as found in Victor’s story of invention and creating–down to her reference “hideous progeny”

The frame/device of Walton’s letters: the familiarity and intimacy the letters establish, the “you” that addresses the reader, not just his sister

Also started to notice the presence of the writing itself: the different style and tone we see/hear in Walton or Victor. Reiterated that we will be focusing in this book on style as much as on the content: what we can learn from how the writing works.  For example: we discussed the length of Walton’s sentences, use of commas (creating a fluid, inviting narrative); the language/diction Victor uses in describing his desire to “penetrate” the secrets of nature.


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